Mary in Suburbia

One winter, I took a photo with my phone of a Virgin Mary statue on a stranger's front lawn. Ever since then, I notice these statues everywhere. Finding and photographing them is like my own personal scavenger hunt. I think it's interesting how some people choose to highlight their personal beliefs in such a public way. I post some of these on Instagram using the hashtag #maryinsuburbia.


The Asbury Park boardwalk, particularly during the off-season, is one of my favorite places. I first photographed the Crepe Shop on a foggy October day, and later I regretted not photographing all of the other shipping container shops on the boardwalk. Over the next few months, I returned to the boardwalk on foggy days to complete this series. I created a poster collage of the images, which hangs in the bathroom of nearly 100% of people who own one. The poster is available for sale.


This project is a personal history told through simple images. These photographs are a way for me to document my life and history. I’m interested in exploring objects that mean a lot to me, or used to mean a lot to me, as well as things that don’t mean much. I post some images on Instagram using the hashtag #myhandsholdingstuff.